The PHI products are used for air purification
in all major leading industries worldwide.
Leading companies world-wide make use of the patented PHI technology products, which are designed and manufactured and ISO certified in the US since 35+ years for residential and commercial air purification, wastewater treatment systems
and food sanitation systems.
Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Waldrof Astoria, Crown Plaza Hotel
Cruise Ships
Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Sea World, Disney Cruise Lines and Hotels, Sailing Vessel Wylde Swan
Tour Operators
Hafermann Reisen, Sab Tours, Bacher Reisen
University of Miami, Florida, Alabama, Chicago School District, Florida State Colleges
Tech Companies
Google, Microsoft, Siemens, Sony, Nokia
Medical Facilities
New York University Hospital, Detroit Medical Center, Duke University Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital
Food Industry
Nestle, Syngenta, Seaboard Farms, ADM Milling
Other notable projects
5-International Airports, K2 Motorcars, International Steel Mill
Government & More
Kennedy Space Center, Eglin Air Force Base, US Army Crops and Engineers, CIA and FBI Offices
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